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Gospel in Action is our effort to encourage our staff and students to address the spiritual and physical needs of the world’s most poor and vulnerable. I’ve taken students to minister to the poor in inner-city Denver, the devastated in Haiti and to orphans in Costa Rica and Mexico.


I am convinced that following God’s commands and Christ’s example to press into the deep needs of the poor and oppressed creates a degree of spiritual growth and a love for others in students I haven’t seen anywhere else.


I also believe these efforts help outsiders understand the truth and beauty of the gospel. As Matthew 5:13-16 says about our good deeds, “You are the salt of the earth… You are the light of the world… let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”


In 2012 I interviewed staff and students working to free women trapped in sex slavery in India. I created a short documentary film to help others gain a greater vision and understanding of how we can incorporate these efforts into our ministries.



Running For Her Freedom


I created this nine minute documentary so our staff and students could gain a vision for helping the poor and forgotten as an important part of their ministries.

In Ministry with Barry & Lori Warren

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