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MINISTRY: The Work God Has Called Us To

In the current spiritual climate I believe there is always a more creative and effective way to help hurting people experience the liberating freedom of Jesus Christ. I find it difficult to settle for “ok” when people’s souls and spiritual growth are at stake.


I focus on creating innovative resources to make the gospel more understandable and discipleship more transformational for today’s young people who view the Christian worldview as increasingly irrelevant and confusing.


My vision is nothing less than to join God in His work of changing the world by equiping every believer with the very best ministry resources.


“Why me Lord?” I ask myself this question, sometimes with tears, when I learn how much God is using our ministry. I say “our ministry” because I couldn’t do this without the faithful support of my wife and an amazing team of prayer and financial partners.


In Ministry with Barry & Lori Warren

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