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Leaders within Cru's campus ministry realized our current discipleship resources are difficult for students and volunteers to use. So, project manager extraordinaire, Eric Pederson, and I began to create a solution. With a few other collaborators we created a brand new discipleship resource that just released in May 2017. It's called Collaborative Discipleship and it can be found at 

To highlight a few things about it:

  • The lessons are highly transferable.

  • Everything needed for a discipleship meeting is contained in each lesson.

  • In allows new disciples to begin making disciples of others in a relatively short amount of time.

  • People are discipled in groups and all members are empowered to contribute and help one another.

Here is some of my favorite feedback so far!

“Hey Barry!  I am so excited about the new collaborative discipleship resource. I love the pathways and the vision for how this could change discipleship across the country (and maybe world). Our team is planning on making it the foundation for all of our discipleship on campus next year.”

"I am on staff with Destino and we have toyed around with trying to do more group discipleship because Latino culture isn't naturally individualistic. I'd love to try this out and I think it could be a great tool for Destino!"


"Coming from a catalytic movement the past 3 years, I'm excited to see how this could accelerate disciples making disciples!"


"I have been talking with a new staff woman I have been training about this idea on one of the campuses she is at. We were literally discussing this exact plan (3 or 4 students meeting together for group discipleship without staff) to try in the fall but didn't have a resource, so we were planning to compile something on our own. Excited to try this out at a community college where there are too many women for 1 staff person to disciple!"







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